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Genio enables you faster software development and higher flexibility to accommodate requirements change throughout the development lifecycle and after system roll-out.


Around 80 qualified IT professionals are working together to develop the most suitable solution for your company, and serve a wide range of business sectors.


Partner with us and let us help you focus on your core business, cost reduction and optimize business processes throughout your organization.


Quidgest supports international cooperation and believes that software development plays a constructive role in international development.

Genio platform


  • Short time-to-market: by means of the latest technologies, the estimated time to develop prototypes for clients is dramatically reduced.
  • Adequate to business environment: whether you are working in the field of insurances, media, health care or any other specific branch, Genio is able to provide customized information systems that fit your business needs.
  • User involvement: system users are able to know, at any moment, the situation of a project in real-time, by means of a reference framing integrated in Genio.
  • High service level: Quidgest’s deep domain knowledge and experience enables our professional staff to tailor their methods to the needs of our clients and implement programs with lean, efficient teams.
  • Permanent upgrading: Genio guarantees constant upgrading of information system in order to maintain a high productivity level. This is possible by means of new instruments and evolving techniques.
  • Zero errors: our solution building platform, Genio, automatically generates traditional high level code, without errors! Your consultants may therefore focus on business processes, instead of constantly spending time resolving programming language issues.

Information Management Systems tailored to your business needs

Genio platform for rapid application development allows Quidgest and its IT partners to deliver Information Management Systems to leading local and central government intitutions and private companies worldwide.

Exclusive and fast-moving Web portals and mobile apps grant significant sustainable competitive advantages in the area of document, HR, financial, procurement, assets & supply and strategic management.

What others say about us

Libório Pereira

Implementation of Human Resources Management System

“Quidgest left a positive impression on me as they fully met our needs, offering an intuitive tool specifically developed to address the situation in East-Timor. Many difficulties arose during the project implementation: lack of qualified local staff, unstable political situation and changes to the development specification. However, Quidgest always demonstrated professionalism and commitment in delivering a comprehensive management system, as expected.”Libório Pereira, Chairman of the Board of the Timorese Public Administration”

Libório PereiraChairman of the Board of the Timorese Public Administration
Elsa Cruz

“Quidgest´s project team, managed by Hugo Ribeiro, were eager to find suitable solutions for difficulties that have arisen naturally over time, and collaborated directly with our Human Resources Department. They made invaluable contributions, which was fruitful for all involved in the project and stimulated interpersonal interaction between the provider and the client.”

Elsa CruzDirector of the Human Resources Department
Sérgio Ávila

Azores Human Resources Shared Services

“Given the specificities of the region, an archipelago of nine islands with very different realities and requirements, the Regional Government is proud of having been able to implement, in 8 years, a human resources management model, based on pioneer (and unique, to date) support tools, which is leading Azorean Regional Administration to a new organizational model.”

Sérgio ÁvilaRegional Government of the Azores
Roberto Rojas Rodríguez

“Thanks to the implementation of a Strategic Management system and provision of consultancy services, TSP has an increased knowledge of available information regarding MCC indicators and processes to improve analysis.”

Roberto Rojas RodríguezCoordinator for External Cooperation of STP

About Us

Founded in 1988 and based in Lisbon, Portugal, Quidgest develops bespoke software solutions for national and international public sector institutions as well as private companies, and offers complementary services such as business consultancy, training and maintenance services.


    • Being a strong reference as a custom made software supplier
    • Being acknowledged as a realiable company dedicated to achieving excellence

    • To consistently strive to create value for our clients and partners
    • To actively participate in the technological revolution of our time
    • To create a healthy work-environment by engaging employees in work processes and investing highly in competence development

    • ISO 9001:2008
    • ISO 14001

    • Microsoft GOLD certified partners